2021 IEEE 4th International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET 2021)

来源:ICET 2021


会议名称:2021 IEEE 4th International Conference on Electronics Technology (ICET 2021)







承办单位:Sichuan Institute of Electronics







The primary aim of ICET conference is to offer senior and young scientists from academic communities and electronic industries from all over the world the opportunity to exchange research ideas and share new knowledge, development and experiences on topics related to their experimental and theoretical work in the very wide-spread field of electronics and micro/nanoelectronics technology and electronic packaging in a convenient and multicultural atmosphere. The other key aim of ICET is to provide postgraduate students with the opportunity to present their research findings in front of experts from both academia and industry for scholarly feedback. It also provides university academics and industry the opportunity to interact with the technical community, to share experiences and gain the benefit from the latest developments in technology presented at the conference. We sincerely hope that all delegates can have rich, useful, and effective deliberations that can lead to international cooperation.


Track 1: Antennas and Microwaves 微波天线

Track 2: Electronics Materials and Devices 电子材料与器件

Track 3: Communication and Networks 通信和网络

Track 4: Power and Electrical Engineering 电力与电气工程

Track 5: Aerospace & Electronics Systems 航空和电子系统

Track 6: Electronics Applications 电子应用

Track 7: Internet of Things 物联网

Track 8: Embedded System 嵌入式系统

Track 9: AI and Applications 人工智能与应用

Track 10: Control and Robotics 控制与机器人

Track 11: Signal Processing 信号处理